A Mediterranean Touch to Your Thanksgiving Feast

Sharing our favorite ways to add flavor to Thanksgiving dishes!

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, we're excited to be part of your preparations for a memorable dinner with family and friends. At Olivo Amigo, we believe that quality ingredients, like our olive oils, can elevate your culinary creations and add a Mediterranean touch to your Thanksgiving table.


Roast to Perfection with Our Olive Oils:

Olive oil is a versatile and healthy choice for roasting your Thanksgiving turkey and vegetables. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils, like Vitality and Joy, will infuse your dishes with a rich and savory essence. Brush the turkey with olive oil, sprinkle with your favorite herbs, and roast it to golden perfection. Your guests will be asking for seconds!


Flavorful Dressings and Dips:

Crafting a flavorful salad or a dipping sauce for appetizers is easy with our olive oils. Create a vinaigrette using our Spark Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or prepare a Mediterranean-inspired dipping sauce for bread by combining olive oil with your choice of herbs, garlic, and our Elevate Mediterranean Spices.

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Sauté and Sizzle with Style:

Sautéing vegetables or creating a flavorful base for your gravy is a breeze with our olive oils. Their fruitiness and distinct aromas make for a delightful cooking experience. Your Brussels sprouts, green beans, or mushrooms will be transformed into delectable side dishes.


Desserts with a Dash of Elegance:

Don't forget about dessert! Olive oil can be used to add moisture and flavor to your baked goods. Consider using our Vitality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in place of butter or other fats in your dessert recipes, such as olive oil cake or olive oil cookies. The result is a dessert that's both healthier and more sophisticated.


Gift Ideas for the Season:

Looking for unique gifts for your Thanksgiving hosts or loved ones? Consider gifting them our olive oil products or one of our beautifully crafted olive oil gift sets. Share the Mediterranean goodness with those you appreciate the most.

We are wishing you a warm and joyful Thanksgiving season filled with love, laughter, and delicious food. Thank you for choosing Olivo Amigo to be a part of your celebrations!

Olivo Amigo, yourolivoamigo, evoo, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, thanksgiving, gift ideas, recipes