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As one of the top producers of the best olive oil in the world, Spain produces over 50% of the world’s supply. Contrast that with the U.S’s production of only 5%, and you’ll see why as olive oil sommeliers we’re passionate about bringing high quality olive oil from Spain to the U.S. market.

Our olive oil is sourced from family farms, and crafted with quality in mind in opaque glass bottles that preserve the rich antioxidants, taste, and health benefits of our early harvest extra virgin olive oil. We also offer a selection of single origin artisan vinegar and spices that are sourced from family farms and sustainably produced, in addition to our handmade ceramics.


Want to sell Olivo Amigo at your store, giftshop, or boutique? We offer wholesale rates for those looking to add quality Mediterranean products to their lineup.



Are you looking for a tasty corporate gift for holidays or special occasions? Or perhaps you’re interested in gifting quality
Mediterranean products to your loved ones. If so, get in touch to ask us about our special pricing for high volume purchases of 10+ units.



Love Olivo Amigo and want to introduce it as part of your own brand? We offer white label production packages that will allow you to present high quality products to your customers using your own designs and branding.

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Looking to purchase in bulk amounts? We offer special bulk orders of our extra virgin olive oil, artisan vinegar, and spice blends. The olive oil is available from early, mid, or late harvest olives. Your order of EVOO or Vinegar will be delivered in a drum for bottling by you in your own bottles.

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