In honor of my mother and all of the fighters out there

I have always believed that eating was the most pleasurable thing to do in life! How could you not love it?! The flavors, textures, and experience of having a meal with loved ones - there is nothing else like it.

When I was only 9 years old, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. During this time I would look at her with the biggest smile I could muster while eating wonderful meals, and ask her, “How come you don’t want any? It is delicious.” Her face said everything. I could see she was losing her appetite and ability to experience the wonderful joy that food can bring to one’s life. Over the next six years she continued to struggle and eventually lost her battle two months before my 15th birthday.

flavours with hope

I think of my mother every day. One memory that brings me comfort is from a time when she could still enjoy food. We’d sit together at the kitchen table while looking at magazines together, eating her afternoon snack. Our favorite was a bocadillo - a piece of baguette with olive oil, salt and ham - and she would use her finger to get the leftover crumbs and olive oil and salt on the plate. Today, I do the same and think of her as I save the beautiful flavors and memories of my mother.

Olivo Amigo’s mission is to inspire people to reconnect with their food and to feel the passion that a flavour can bring to your life. 

In honor of my mother and all of the fighters out there, I hope to brighten every bite that a woman with cancer takes and try to make the experience a bit more enjoyable with Olivo Amigo products. In addition to product donations to those fighting cancer, we are also donating proceeds from every sale to cancer charities in the hopes that we will find a cure.