There is something magical about the Mediterranean, something you can feel in the breeze. From breakfast in vibrant Gaudi Park, to lunch by the sparkling ocean and dinner at the plaza surrounded by the laughter of family and friends, the life of the Mediterranean centers around 2 things: experience and food. The Mediterranean lifestyle is a celebration of color, flavor, happiness, gratitude and life. Every interaction is to be treasured, every flavor is to be savored and every moment is to be cherished. This is where Olivo Amigo’s olive oil will transport you, in every drop and every bite.


At Olivo Amigo, we celebrate the beauty of real, high quality extra virgin olive oil from the Mediterranean and the infusion of emotion into food. Our olives are grown and produced at a small family owned farm in Jaen, Spain that has been passed down for generations. The olives are sustainably grown, produced in an organic mill and stored in an organic room. The products are then consciously shipped here to the United States.



Our products are made from olives from the early harvest (early October - current olive oil is from October 2020 harvest), which results in the highest quality extra virgin olive oil available on the market. Olivo Amigo olive oils only contain one ingredient: fresh, all-natural olive oil. We never blend, color, flavor or deodorize our oils.


The Earth gives us what we need, and we are committed to giving back to it. Olivo Amigo bottles use eco-friendly inks and an ultraviolet drying system that reduces CO2 emissions. Use of plastic is kept to a minimum, and shipping boxes are recyclable and plastic-free.


Our partner is a family-owned farm in Jaen, Spain. The olives are sustainably grown, produced in an organic mill and stored in an organic room. Everything is recycled from the production cycle. The olive pits are used to build pallets and produce energy, the leaves are fed to cattle and the leftover water is saved for the fields.

Letter from our founder

I was born and raised in Spain, where happiness is built around the table. In our culture, food is an experience that is celebrated and savored with loved ones, every meal and every day. A drizzle of olive oil is a must, adding rich flavor and infusing emotion into every dish.

When I moved to the United States to study, I fell in love with this country and the man that is now my husband. But when I sought out olive oil, my favorite ingredient, I was shocked to find that 69% of extra virgin olive oils sold in U.S. supermarkets are adulterated or bad. Upon this discovery, I aspired to bring much-needed transparency to the market and educate people on how to identify quality products.

I brought Olivo Amigo high-quality extra virgin olive oil directly from Spain to cultivate wellness, flavor, gratitude and celebration. Olivo Amigo is my labor of love, and my dream is to share the health and happiness of Spain with you and your family. Let’s celebrate life together!

From our table to yours,