At this point you cannot go to a dinner party without a charcuterie board. This is the Spanish twist on traditional meat and cheese platters, in or...

Meat, cheese, a spread and slice and bread are so simple and so delicious. Here are some quick ideas on how to add a Spanish flair from your typical grocery store bought meats and cheeses to transport you to the Spanish regions of your choice. 

Difference between Tapas and Charcuterie

Charcuterie is actually a French word referring to cured or cooked meat, and today a lot of charcuterie boards are filled with deli meats, cheeses, breads, spreads and olives of all kinds. In most boards in America, there is no exact derivative or specific nation to model charcuterie boards after. We’ve seen breakfast boards, dessert boards, even ones strictly made of candy. 

“Tapas” is a Spanish word for snacks that are normally served at a bar with drinks. There is rarely anything sweet on a tapas board and contains many savory snacks and finger food to enjoy. This list contains more popular Spanish dishes that would go on a tapas platter that will give your next dinner party a Mediterranean twist! 

Meat and Cheese

These two platter staples of meat and cheese are the best starting point when building a tapas platter. Traditionally the meat for a tapas platter is a cured ham and the type of cheese depends on the region of Spain you are in. These two elements are also sliced thinly and served with crunchy toasted bread. 

Pan con Tomate

This classic Spanish snack contains all of our favorite things: bread, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. We have made this snack on our Instagram and it is a tapas necessity. You can eat it as is with the rubbed tomato, garlic and bread, or use it as a foundation and build the ultimate bite with meats, cheeses and seafood. 


Shrimp, crab, calamari and octopus are all important aspects to a tapas platter. While in America the closest comparison would be shrimp cocktail, this Spanish seafood gives so much flavor to your platter. It can be fried, grilled, boiled, or eaten with a delectable aioli sauce. Seafood is very common because of Spain’s immaculately beautiful Mediterranean coastline. 


Potatoes cooked in all forms are also a great addition to a tapas platter. Fried potatoes with a spicy bravas sauce or alioli, or ensaladilla, a cold dish similar to potato salad, are all tasty dishes to have any day of the week. 


The spicy and flavorful pork sausage is a very versatile ingredient, making it a tapas necessity. This can be spread on bread, or combined with fried egg to make your dish savory and spicy. 


Olives are usually a staple in the more ‘traditional’ charcuterie board but these olives are much more than just from a jar. Spanish olives are usually pickled or stuffed with anchovies, peppers or cheese. These can also be eaten plainly or with a piece of bread or meat to make a flavorful bite.


This dish is normally a fried and battered dumpling-type of food with ham, cheese, and served with a yummy sauce. This crispy fried element is the ultimate last treat to your platter that will keep you and your guests going back for more.

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