Pilates is a low impact workout that focuses on strengthening your core! It advantages include increasing strength and even alleviating stress!

Pilates has small movements to help improve balance and core strength to support the connection between the mind and the muscles. It has been linked to improving mindfulness which can incite relaxation, mood improvements and stress reduction. Read on to discover the 10 benefits of pilates. 

      1. Strengthens all muscles 

Pilates trains the body as whole with its primary focus on the core, lower body and upper body strength. It is very popular for rehabilitation, as well with athletes to find a greater foundation. 


      2. Low impact exercise

Pilates works all of your muscles in different planes with support. The focus is on building core strength, alignment, and connecting the body and mind. There are different levels to challenge you, but it's great for all ages and body types. 


     3. Enhances core strength

Pilates focus is on the core in the deep part of the muscles, the back, abdomen and pelvic floor. The core needs to be strong to support and relax the neck and shoulder, while the other muscles are doing the exercise. 


     4. Increases flexibility and range of motion

Being flexible is not always knowing how to do the splits or getting in awkward yoga positions. Having flexibility and range of motion keeps the joints strong leading to a healthy and active life.  


     5. Improves posture

Everyone is working for home and hopefully isn't getting the tech neck bad. Being in this position can affect the posture and lead to neck and back pain. Pilates focuses on that core to help align good posture. People who practice have great posture helping them to reduce their back pain. 


     6. Increases energy 

Pilates gets your body moving by stimulating the spine and muscles that flow through the body giving you euphoria from exercising the whole body. The more energy you have the more happy you will be.


     7. Integrates Body and Mind 

Each movement in pilates needs full attention for the body and mind to connect and give you the best exercise. 


     8. Relieve stress

There are so many stressors in the world today, that you need to let that all go. Pilates has been proven to lower cortisol levels and release endorphins to help you have the best exercise.


     9. Rehabilitation

When pilates was first founded its main focus was on rehabilitation, it increases strength, flexibility, range of motion, posture and energy. It is the ideal exercise for injury rehab. 


     10. Options

There are so many options to take pilates. You can go to a gym or studio or just stream it on your phone in the comfort of your home.


Pilates is a total-body exercise that offers several advantages, including injury prevention, increased flexibility, and a stronger core. Pilates can be a lot of fun and a nice change of pace from other workouts. The most helpful workout regimens are the ones you love performing since you will continue to exercise.

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