Valentine’s Day means lots of love but sometimes a lot of pressure. Let us help you out with a list of 5 date ideas you can totally make your own.

The month of love has come upon us, and whether your Valentine’s Day is filled with time alone, with your friends, or the love of your life, these activities will help spark some joy and love to your day! 
The point of these plans is to make it your own. Almost all of these ideas can be done as a splurge or spending a minimal amount of money. After all, the day itself is not about money and how much you spend, it is about the person or people you surround yourself with and showing love to one another. 


Cook a special meal

Cooking for other people (or just for yourself) is a very unique form of showing love. If you are not much of a chef, try something new and cook a special meal for yourself, pick out a special bottle of wine and put on a good playlist. Your kitchen has instantly transformed into the restaurant of your dreams. If you are cooking for a significant other, we are sure that anything you create will be amazing and filled with love. Not sure what to cook? Check out our massive vault of recipes to help you choose! 

Spa Day

Whether it’s going to a spa or making one at home, this activity is super fun however you do it! If you are going to a spa, they normally have packages for couples or groups of friends you can choose! Spa not your vibe? Make one at home! Gather up all your facemasks, lotions and nail products, grab some champagne and candles and make your house a relaxation hub. 

Write with Love

This has so many different meanings. The written word is such a strong way to show and feel love to those around you. If you are apart from your loved one/s this year, write them a letter or take a jab at writing a poem to show your love. Does the person you love like to read? Gift your loved one a book or two that reminds you of them and write why you gave them this book on the inside cover. 
If you are together this year, you can write a letter to one another. Write about your hopes and dreams for the next 6 months or year, and plan to mail it out during whatever time you choose. Overall, anything written is not only sentimental but can really convey feelings you may have trouble saying aloud. 

Road Trip

From 20 to 200 miles, spend this love day driving somewhere you have always wanted to go. A restaurant, a photo opportunity, a theme park, anywhere you or your loved one has wanted to go! Like all trips, it’s not only about the destination it is also about the journey. Take this travel time to connect with the person/people in the car around you. Not only will time fly by when you’ve spent the car ride chatting, but then you will enjoy both the journey and the destination. 


One word, so many meanings. What we love about DIY gifts is that it is something your loved one will keep forever. Everytime they look at it they will think of you. If being crafty is not your strong suit, take your research over to Pinterest and you will find endless ideas. Some top DIY gifts are a jar of paper notes that say what you love about this person, quotes that you like, songs that remind you of them, or even making a list of activities for you to do together in the future! DIY can also be a scrapbook, a playlist you’ve made, a calendar, a picture frame, a drawing, a jazzed up bouquet of flowers. The main point of DIY is to put your personal touch on a gift that your loved one will always remember. These things can be given as gifts or be an activity that you do together on Valentine’s Day. 

Do you have any more ideas? Share them with us on our Instagram @yourolivoamigo and tell us what your Valentine’s Day plans are!