Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is a staple in the kitchen. Is it a staple in anything else? Keep reading to find out!

Olive oil is basically synonymous with your kitchen, food, and cooking. But what if we told you that olive oil is also used in everyday products for cleaning and moisturizing elements. Olive oil is a great base in certain products that need a little bit of richness or moisture added to it. Here are three aspects of your life where you can be using olive oil. 

1. Soaps

Believe it or not, olive oil is used as a base in some soaps instead of water. Also known as Castile Soap (named after its region of origin, Castile, Spain), having a base as oil instead of water gives your hands more moisture after washing, rather than stripping your skin of all its natural oils when you wash your hands. Olive oil based soaps also had natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory elements to your soap, making it gentle but also giving your hands a great cleanse. 

2. Skin care 

Similar to hand soaps, olive oil-based skin care is very moisturizing for your skin. The versatility of the olive oil means your products can be scented or unscented depending on the sensitivity of your skin. If you have dry skin, olive oil is a great addition to your skin routine because of the additional moisture it adds. It is even great for your dogs! Some dog grooming products have olive oil to help their coat stay shiny!

3. Cleaning products 

Olive oil is an amazing tool to loosen up grime on your surfaces and also add moisture to your wood floors, cabinets, or tables. Most olive oil cleaners have a citrus smell that makes your cooking and eating spaces feel clean inside and out! 


You can always add some drops of Olivo Amigo extra virgin olive oils to your face cream to elevate your skin care routines! 


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