Sometimes there are too many types of wines for your meals you don’t know where to start. Do not worry! This guide will give you some insight on ho...

A glass of wine with dinner (or even lunch) is a great treat to accentuate your meal. But with so many different wines and so many meals you can consume, how do you know what wine is the best for your unique and flavorful meals? You can use whatever wine you would like with any meal, but if you want to emphasize the flavors of your meals and feel like you are at a five-star restaurant in your own home, this guide is the right place to be.


Keep reading our guide to help you pair the best wines with your entree. From fish, to steak, to pasta and more, you will become your own sommelier with this quick easy wine guide! 

Wine Guide

White wines

  • White wines are great pairs with chicken or fish in a rich sauce. 

  • Pair your shrimp, salmon or sea bass with a chardonnay or pinot grigio.

  • Fruity desserts feel luxurious and even a little tangy with a Sauvingon Blanc.

  • Pair your Thai food with the Riesling of your dreams to elevate the rich flavors. 

Red wines

  • Red wines typically pair with a red meat like steak or lamb. 

  • Pair a Malbec with any sweet or spicy sauces.

  • Syrah is a great wine that adds depth to a meal with lots of spices. The spice from the Syrah pairs with the spice-filled meat for a savory meal.

  • Take your favorite red sauce and pair it with a Sangiovese, thank us later. 


  • Rosé wine creates an umami flavor with cheeses.

  • Whether it’s a grilled cheese or charcuterie board, rosé adds a layer of indulgence to your meals. 


How do Spaniards like wine? 

Drinking wine is an integral part of Spanish culture and is used in meals to cultivate relationships and enjoy time with one another. Most people order a red or white wine that pertains to their region, which results in wines with different flavored undertones wherever you go! Cava is also a very popular sparkling wine in Spain, very similar to champagne which is made with a combination of white grapes. 


Overall, your wine should always compliment your entree. Reds will add spice to your dish, while Whites and Rosé will add more acidity and sweetness to your meals. Sparkling wines will always contrast what you have on your plate, but sometimes that can create the best atmosphere while you sip on champagne or sparkling rosé. 


Regardless of what pairing works best for you, wine adds a new layer of flavor to all your dishes. Comment below on our Instagram @yourolivoamigo your favorite food and wine pairing. Cheers!