Wherever you are, it’s probably hot. Beat the heat and embrace Spanish culture with this list of Spanish desserts that will cool you off and transp...

I know for some we are itching for the fall weather to come in and others want to relish in the hot weather while is lasts. Regardless of your opinion, the weather in California is still warm and has no sign of cooling off. So we think when the weather gets hot, the only way to stay cool is to eat! Here is a quick list of Spanish treats that will keep you cool! 

Crema Catalana 

This classic Spanish dessert is from the region of Catalan, Spain and is very similar to a crème brûlée. This yummy dessert is smooth sweet custard with a hard sugar crust on top. While the average crème brûlée is vanilla flavored custard, crema catalana is flavored with cinnamon and citrus. Cinnamon and citrus is a common combination in many Spanish desserts! 


The perfect way to get some fruit this summer is through sorbet! A popular Spanish twist is called Cava Sorbet! This yummy dessert is a lemon flavored sorbet with champagne poured over it. This is served in restaurants as a drink, but you can also switch up the ratio to personal preference where it can be a bowl or a drink!



Flan done the right way is what makes this a refreshing summer dessert. Flan can have a bad reputation, but a well made flavorful flan would definitely change your mind. While it is eaten around many Spanish speaking countries, flan from Spain is simple yet delicious! In Spain flan is usually cooked with caramel, but adding toffee or add any other spices can be great for entertaining a crowd!  

Leche Frita 

Literally meaning “fried milk” this is ice cream or custard with a crunchy exterior and spiced up twist! If you make this at home you could also attempt this dessert with store-bought ice cream, or it can be a custard (are you sensing the trend about Spaniards and custard yet?) Cornstarch is essential to this recipe to keep the mixture thick and bonded together when you begin frying. 

Arroz con Leche

Rice pudding is another dessert that will keep you cool this summer! While rice pudding can be served hot or cold, this season a cool rice pudding with decadent flavors of lemon and cinnamon will cool you off. Some tips for making good arroz con leche is to always use whole milk. While there are so many great plant based milks, any milk other than whole milk will change the thick creamy consistency of your dessert.

If you try any of these desserts or have a favorite that we did not mention, let us know on our instagram @yourolivoamigo!