When you think of Valentine's Day, we all think of couples, red hearts and candy. Think again!

February 14th is a day famously associated with love. There can be so much building up this one ultimate day of love. However, why save all of your love for one day when love is a feeling that is not exclusive to the day. Love is more than just a significant other you go to a fancy dinner with and buy chocolates for on a day in mid-February. Love can be between your family and friends, it can be for the world and environment around you, and don’t forget that it can be for yourself. 

Everyone has a different meaning of love and that is what can make the emotion a really unique, special and almost indescribable concept. Love is also expressed and received differently. A quiz highly recommended for couples, friends and even family is the love language quiz. There are five languages of love: words of affirmation, gift giving, act of kindness, physical touch and quality time. All of these can overlap in some capacity and your loved one (or yourself) may have multiple. Since people show love and like to be loved in different ways, it is good to learn about these love languages in order to know your loved one (or yourself) better! 

All over social media you see couples buying each other expensive gifts or going to exotic destinations together, but if your significant other’s love language is acts of kindness or words of affirmation, all they need is to help them clean their space or a thoughtful hand written letter. It is not about being right or wrong, it is about knowing yourself or your loved one more and knowing how to show and share that love in a preferred way. 

A beautiful part of love is that it can be expressed and fulfilled in your own way, meaning that those terms of what it means to be loved is distinguished between yourself and your significant other, friend, family member and most importantly yourself. If you do not feel like doing yoga and taking a bath is self-care and going on a road trip or writing out your affirmations does feel like self-care, that is perfectly fine! 

Love is a culmination between happiness, joy, laughter, connection, and peace all in one, and what all of these feelings have in common is that they are all contagious feelings. This means that being around someone who radiates love or if you are the one that does this, it can cause a ripple effect around your life. 

All in all, Valentine’s Day can be whatever you want and is not exclusive to February 14th. This is your message to show and share love everyday, with everyone. Share with us your ideas on how to show and share love everyday on our Instagram @yourolivoamigo.