Olive Oil Tips for Proper Storage in the Fall

The best ways to keep your olive oil fresh and full of health benefits.

Olive oil is a staple in almost every kitchen worldwide. Its versatility and numerous health benefits make it a prized ingredient for both cooking and drizzling. However, as the seasons change, so do the conditions that can affect the quality of your olive oil. In this article, we'll explore the importance of proper olive oil storage, particularly during the fall, when temperature fluctuations and humidity levels can be unpredictable. 


Store Olive Oil in a Cool, Dark Place

Olive oil is sensitive to heat and light, which can cause it to deteriorate and lose its flavor. During the fall, as temperatures begin to drop, it's important to keep your olive oil in a cool, dark place. A pantry or cupboard away from direct sunlight and heat sources, such as the stove or oven, is an ideal location. Avoid storing it near a window or on a countertop where it may be exposed to natural light.


Seal the Bottle Tightly

Oxygen is another enemy of olive oil, as it can lead to oxidation and rancidity. Make sure to seal the olive oil bottle or container tightly after each use. Oxygen can enter the bottle when the cap is left loose, so always ensure a secure seal to preserve the oil's freshness. Our extra-virgin olive oils come with a tightly fit cork top to ensure a perfect seal. 

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Choose Opaque Containers

When purchasing olive oil, choose bottles made of opaque glass or tin. These materials help protect the oil from exposure to light, which can degrade its quality. Clear or transparent containers may look appealing but can compromise the oil's shelf life and flavor. Our extra-virgin olive oils come in completely opaque glass containers to protect olive oil from sources of light. 


Beware of Temperature Fluctuations

In the fall, temperatures can fluctuate significantly, especially if you live in an area with changing weather patterns. Avoid storing olive oil in places where it may be exposed to extreme temperature variations. For instance, keeping it in a garage or an uninsulated storage room may subject it to temperature extremes, which can negatively impact its flavor and quality.

As autumn ushers in a new season, it's crucial to pay attention to the changing conditions that can affect your olive oil's quality. Proper storage is key to preserving the flavor, aroma, and health benefits of this cherished ingredient. By following these tips and being mindful of where and how you store your olive oil, you can ensure that it continues to enhance your culinary creations throughout the fall and beyond. As always, it is important to choose high-quality olive oil for best taste and health benefits. Try our Vitality or Joy Extra-Virgin olive oils today and taste the difference! 

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