We are responsible for what our furry friends eat each day, so let’s fill their bellies with the nutrients and benefits of extra-virgin olive oil!

Our four-legged friends deserve high quality and healthy ingredients in the food they eat just as much as their owners, and their food should run so much more than just dry kibble. There are amazing health benefits to adding olive oil to your pet’s diet so they can live longer and happier! 

Quick disclaimer! We recommend always talking to your veterinarian about feeding your dog olive oil! Having olive oil every day may be too harsh for doggies with sensitive tummies, so always ween them on and off of olive oil after talking to their vet. 


How to feed them!

The rule of thumb is to feed your dog one teaspoon of olive oil per every 20 pounds (EX: 100lb dog = 5 tsps of EVOO). You can do this daily or weekly depending on preference. The easiest way to feed it to them is to just drizzle it onto your dog's kibble or even use it when baking dog treats for your pooch. Sources say to use extra virgin olive oil because it is the purest form of oil and reduces risk of feeding your dog an olive oil that is adulterated or mixed with refined oils. 

In the above photo you see our friend @napatheyorkie using our Vitality extra virgin olive oil! This oil is a bit more mild in flavor, and will be the perfect for your furry friend to add to their kibble or add in when making them treats! 



Olive oil is great for your dog’s skin and keeps their fur coat soft and silky. As tempted as you may be to just lather it onto your dog, they may end up licking it off and consuming too much to upset their stomachs. Also getting olive oil all over your house is not ideal. Creating a routine of feeding them olive oil (whatever that may be for you) will make you see the results of a shiner coat in about a month. 


Makes their food tasty and has better consistency. Dry kibble is not only repetitive, but also can be dry and hard to eat especially for older dogs. Just like how humans enjoy the final drizzle of olive oil on their meals, dogs will enjoy the taste, aroma and how their food is moistened and easier to eat. 


Has great ingredients your dogs need to maintain a healthy weight. The vitamins, nutrients and omega-3s that humans retain when having olive oil also goes for dogs! This can help them burn fat and replace it with the healthy fats olive oil provides. Also in moderation, it can stimulate their digestive tract and help them with their digestion. 


Improve overall health! Olive oil gives dogs monounsaturated fatty acids they need to support healthy brain functions, shed fat, and reduce cholesterol! The antioxidant properties also help with heart and lung health, and reduce inflammation which will help your dogs fight against chronic diseases! 

If you use olive oil with your pets, let us know on our instagram @yourolivoamigo!