4 EASY Hacks to Hosting an Unforgettable Dinner Party

Host the PERFECT Dinner party with your friends and family using our simple, INSTANT tips to guarantee an unforgettable celebration 一 without stres...

So you just invited all your friends, family, and important people in your life to what you hope is a dinner party that will leave them with a special memory and delicious food in their stomachs! We’ve been there, and we know how stressful it is, but no need to worry! These 4 EASY HACKS that you can do in less than 5 minutes will not only make you confident about your work but will make you a guest favorite for all their future dinner party plans!

Make it a Celebration! 🥳

At a dinner party, one of the most important things other than a tasty menu is to make the experience of gathering fun (as it should be)! We recommend trying out fun minigames, charades, karaoke (for less formal parties), having a dress-up theme, or even hiring a live band! Anything goes in the realm of entertainment, and it’s sure to leave your audience with an unforgettable memory of smiles and laughter!

It’s all about the Ambience! 🧘‍♀️   

  Even if you are not the best cook, what’s going to set your dinner party apart from others is the ambiance you create. It’s essential that you take some time to add an extra flair, whether that be lighting in the form of candles, a thoughtful playlist, decorative China, or thoughtful table arrangements, taking even 5 minutes to add a personality to your party will add a unique intention that your guests will not only appreciate but never forget! 

Here are some INSTANT ways you can level up your ambiance

  • 🌿Add nature- fresh flowers or greenery from your backyard are a perfect combination of visuals and an earthy, fresh smell to your dinner party that your guests will love!
  • 🍽Napkins- adding a napkin will give a cozy contrast to the hard, rustic feel of the plates and table! This will give great personality to your dinner party as well, just make sure to find a unique way to fold your napkins!
  • 💖Placemats- if you opt for natural or woven placemats, this can truly add a more personal and cozy feel to your dinner party! (This also prevents unwanted food crumbs from landing on the table!)
  • Fancy Dinner Party Bar Ambience

    Make it Personal 💕

       Want to know a secret? The #1 reason people attend dinner parties is (did you guess??) to connect with people! What better way can you connect with people than to treat the experience like a one-on-one conversation with each person! Sometimes, the simplest additions to your party can make the guests feel very special, and that’s what we want. We want our guests to connect and feel appreciated by us.

    Here are our tips!

  • 🏷Add seating tags- This sounds easy, but it’s very easy to miss it during busy mornings trying to cook up all the finishing touches on the menu! However, even something as simple as this can truly make the guests feel special and remembered, especially at larger gatherings!
  • 📝Add a handwritten note- if your dinner party is for a more special occasion, we recommend making the experience even more personal by adding a special, handwritten note for each of your guests (of course, assuming that the numbers are manageable). Don’t underestimate the power of handwritten letters in our digital age to make a person’s experience more special!
  • 🎁Party favors for an extra touch- this is a super fun way to make your party more personalized and memorable, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! Just a few Lindor chocolates and a personalized note can make your guest feel 10x more special!

  • And now (drumroll please🥁)…. our secret ingredient 🤫👇

    A Drizzle of Magic ✨

        A dinner party is never complete without the magical moments that are shared with the people who we create them with💖. I’m sure you’ve felt those inexplicable sparks of connection between people just from sharing a cup of ice cream or the proverbial “spaghetti noodle” spark that connected the Lady and the Tramp. 

    Can you think about the universal touch of magic that can be added onto almost any course of your choosing? 

    For us, High-Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil has always ignited this spark around the table. What makes it extra special is it’s the way it connects us back to our cultures. Olive Oil is the universal element that is added to all of our cooking, baking, and drizzled over our salads (even desserts). Not only can it make every meal more delicious and nutritional, but its vibrant colors and deep green is a wonderful reminder of the colorful sense of life that being around the table and having a simple dinner with our friends and loved ones can give each and every one of us ❤️

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