Welcome in the new season with this five step routine of how to clean out your cooking space so you feel more organized and inspired. 

Every so often, you stop and look at your kitchen and see it needs a clean. Not just a ‘shove your loose items into a drawer’ clean but a deep DEEP clean. Your mixer has a few flour remnants, your pans may have some deep burn marks, and a few appliances are collecting dust. This article gives some inspiration for you to clean out your cooking space for the spring/summer season. 



1. Pick a section. 

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, I know it can feel overwhelming to clean out your cooking space, so just pick a section that feels best for you. Whether it’s your pantry, your pots and pans, your glassware or your reusable containers select one area to concentrate on to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 


2. Take everything off of your shelves. 

It is easiest to start with a clean slate. So take everything off of the shelves of your selected section. Yes, everything. This will help you come up with a new idea of how to organize. By color? By size? By brand? The possibilities are truly endless. 


3. Dust/clean and wipe down EVERYTHING.  

You never realize how dusty your kitchen space has gotten until you see it as a blank slate. Use any cleaner of your choice to wipe down every nook and cranny of your space.


4. Think of the last time you have used an appliance, and REALLY think if you will ever use it again. 

We tend to fall into the trap of spending our money on the new and cool trendy appliance only to use it once or twice and then it becomes a dust collector in our cooking space. If you have not used this item in the last year, then maybe you should consider giving away that tool or appliance. 


5. Reorganize and repeat

Stack or place all of your plates, glassware or containers in a way that makes sense to you and only you. After all, this is YOUR kitchen. A good rule of thumb is to put the things that you use every day more in front of your cabinets or in a more easily accessible place, leaving room in the back for those special plates or kitchen tools you use around the holidays. This general routine can be used for almost any area of your kitchen and will result in a clean space that will make you feel more inspired and creative. 


Regardless of how you clean out your kitchen, it leaves more space for inspiration, creativity, and olive oil of course! If you have already purchased your Vida Collection, share on our instagram @yourolivoamigo where you put your Olivo Amigo. Fill your clean kitchen with Joy, Vitality or Vida Collection olive oil on the SHOP tab of our website!