6 Charcuterie Board Tips for Your 4th of July Party

Our favorite tips for creating delicious and beautiful charcuterie boards!

Tapas platter, cheese boards, charcuterie boards… Whatever you want to call this amazing board of food that can be a meal within itself or just an appetizer to the main dish, there are a million ways to make them! Keep reading to see our quick tips on how to make the best platter for your crowd this Fourth of July!


1. Choose a theme and be creative! 

With the holiday coming up this step is easy, but this is what makes these boards incredibly versatile and appropriate for any gathering or event, big or small! You can incorporate a theme to the board, the crackers, the color of the fruit and so much more. The food can even vary depending on the time of day for your party!


2. All about the shapes of your cheese 

The biggest elements of a board are the cheeses, crackers, meats, fruits and veggies you want to add. Each of these have their own unique shape that contributes to the overall style of your board! For example, when laying out your board it is best to start with the cheeses and to vary these shapes. A round smoked gouda or brie cheese with a triangular sharp cheddar can add style to your board. You can even slice your cheese and stack them in a fashionable way to break up the blocks of cheese around your board. 

3. Then choose and assemble your meat “river” 

The meats you choose are entirely up to you! Common options are salami, prosciutto, and other sliced deli meats. You can also add sliced sausages if that is more your style! Now that you have your cheese shapes down, you can assemble your meat in a way popularly known as a “river”. This means to weave your meat in a wavy line (like a river) from one end of your board to the other. Not only does it add design and style to your board, but it also means that guests from both sides have access to meat when assembling their perfect bite!

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4. Use fruit or veggies to add color 

Most cheeses and meats have the same color, so utilize the natural and beautiful colors of fruits and veggies to make the colors of your board pop! Especially for the 4th of July, strawberries and blueberries with a white cheese make the perfect patriotic color scheme! Another great option is to add dried fruit to your platter like dried apricots or cranberries. The sweetness counters the saltiness of your meat and cheese, and dried fruit will last longer sitting on the board and not wilt as fast as the fresh fruit!


5. Bread and olive oil is always crowd pleaser

A great platter will also have crunchy crackers along with soft, fresh bread. A sliced and stylishly placed ciabatta, sourdough or baguette will always be a great crowd pleaser. Of course you can pour your own Olivo Amigo extra-virgin olive oil in a small dish for dipping, or just drizzle it down the pile of bread. Either way, it will fill up your board and is the perfect pairing with any cheese, meat or fruit! 


6. Fill the gaps with nuts, spreads, herbs, and flowers 

If there are some gaps in your board and you're not sure how to fill them, use nuts and spreads for your guests to add more to their bite, or for aesthetic purposes add herbs and flowers to make your board the centerpiece to any party! Almonds or seeds are a great addition to your board, and spreads like a fig spread or even honey will elevate your platter. The herbs and flowers will also add a pretty aroma to your board as well! 


We hope these tips help you create the most stylish platter for your party. If you make a board post it to your instagram and tag us @yourolivoamigo!

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