These five basic habits can help you stay organized and productive, and they're so simple to include into your everyday routine!

Trying to keep or get organized might appear to be a lot of work. We usually get off to a good start by making our beds, setting down deadlines, and even getting to bed on time. But life happens, and we gradually get disorganized, forgetting to do the tiny things that keep us going. We'll show you 5 techniques to be organized in order to keep your life running smoothly and productively.

Make a list 

There are so many things to accomplish throughout the day, week, month, and year, yet it is easy to lose sight of what has to be done. Making a list or merely scribbling down key chores will help you remember them. Using a planner, or even your phone's planner, will assist you in staying on top of plans and deadlines. 

Create a daily regimen

Our minds are programmed to follow a pattern. Making a healthy routine a part of your daily routine, whether it's getting up and writing in your diary first thing in the morning or sipping a cup of water before coffee. This will help you maintain a habit, and you may gradually add more if necessary.

Prepare your bed

Making your bed may appear to be a minor effort, but it makes a significant difference. Make your bed every morning and notice the difference when you go into your room after a long day at work. It provides you a good start to the day, and you may include it into your everyday routine. 

Get some sleep 

Getting enough sleep has a significant impact on productivity and organization. Staying up late and attempting to get things done may appear to be a simple chore, but when you get up the next day, you may feel tired and unproductive. A good night's sleep will have a huge beneficial influence on your day. Each night, you just need seven to nine hours of sleep.

Give Everything a Home/Regularly Declutter 

Things go missing when they don't have a place to call home. Putting your life in order entails keeping your belongings in their right settings. You can keep your belongings by identifying your storage room and keeping them correctly. Take one place at a time and carefully arrange your goods by eliminating what you don't need and what you do by  grouping your items together. After you've sorted everything, discover or create a "home" for comparable things, name the "homes," and set them where they belong.


Now that you've learned the five strategies to get organized, try a few of them and see how you feel. You may always start small by incorporating these techniques to become organized and stay organized. Let us know which 5 strategies you used, or share a new one with us on Instagram @yourolivoamigo.